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Wella professional human hair weave care and styling global creative director EugeneSouleiman analytic modeling this season - when a new version of the 'Marilyn Monroe' shape, said: "1950 has a platinum-like dyeing my hair color girl Inspired HaiderAckermann shape when the season I hope to build a muse to create a full flavor of the human hair lace front wigs, to tell a marvelous story - a young girl met a brave soldier, and this hairstyle is perfect weight Now their night dating emotion is strong, the soldiers blocked the wonderful moments in the girl's forehead hair poke. "HaiderAckermann season conference focusing on different styling short human hair wigs color, texture contrast effect. Eugene through the front of the head neatly into the model with dark hair dyeing wig roots, through proper pruning to create clear lines, layering multiple dimensions. In the show backstage, Eugene used the SP sub color texture modeling paste, human braiding full lace human hair wigs texture of remodeling for casual hairstyle adds more dynamic elements. At the same time, in order to highlight the smooth man-inch flat head like a cool, Eugene solid using Wella hairspray on the hair of the head on both sides of the perfect shape, so that the entire shape of clear lines and yet ethereal.

1. What fragile human hair weave is formed and how? cheap human hair extensions hurt from human improper care and external environment against both far beyond your imagination, they will jointly lead the hair worse. 2. What causes hay-like fragile hair is it? No.1 reason: dye hair cuticle off incorrectly and cause split ends. Solution: Avoid frequent hair dye, use the hair dryer when the temperature is lowered. No.2 reasons: picky diet, lack of sleep will make the best human hair extensions dull, brown difficult to manage. Solution: Note that a balanced diet, reducing fat intake and spicy food. Reason No.3: Autumn still strong sunlight, ultraviolet light will destroy the amino acids make the human hair for braiding dry yellow. Solution: In the front choose to use a sunscreen function disposable hair care products or hair spray painting, protect half wigs human hair from damage. No.4 reasons: dirty air adhesions difficult to take care of the hair, it is likely to cause broken wet and wavy human hair. Solution: according to the degree of choice for oily human hair lace wigs shampoo every day or every other day shampoo. 3. correct selection and use of a protective effect on the hair salon tool to avoid broken human hair bundles and split ends. Try to choose a hair when the hair wet, to prevent scratching when the full lace human hair wigs, pulled human hair lace front wigs.

The first paragraph: Goddess Fan child crown braided hair braided centipede with a simple change to make, the effect is like head wearing the crown in general, both fresh and at the same time having the goddess of romantic sense, is a rare volume does not require electricity to be showing simple romantic hairstyle. Braids on both sides of the back plate is even more elegant long, braided human lace front wigs is also very close and clean for vacation time. Second paragraph: micro gorgeous sense of vigor and vitality but also a dynamic ball head ball head, just add twist braided hair, and girls will be able to bring a sense of vacation up! The tall Shu Qi ball head, not only easy and convenient, as well as by age look effect. If you want more than point changes, before the onset of the centipede braid is the best props Oh! Third paragraph: buckle double twist within the tail lace front human hair wigs ball head if you feel not enough novelty, then try the elegant and playful twist bun it. The low bun biggest bright spot is that the buckle double tails, like the playful curls tube, but also like an elegant plate from the blonde human hair wigs, human hair ponytail ornaments matched above, or directly to wear a hat, do not affect to After the close of curly human hair extensions effect!

2014 New Year's set to reflect the "human braiding hair" smell, who can only be a red hue on behalf of sultry, who represent only red festive atmosphere during the wedding. In the opening, the "red line" of the nail is more representative of a sincere blessing. Suffer no nail inspiration? As Jennifer compiled code set to share the "red line" of the nail and you, in addition to the red line nail a different color number, red and gold with the French manicure nail-controlled, wine red nail temperament, gold burgundy nail, red and gold pattern nail ...... simply increasing and reducing wigs human hair, only a simple two bottles of nail polish and nail tools, own a home, you can DIY satisfied "red line" nail it. Beauty PROGRAMMING Jennifer to bring you today is 8 group "red line" from nail manicure demonstration of bloggers Natalia. Nail Bloggers Natalia "red line" demonstration Nail nail blogger Natalia "red line" demonstration Nail nail blogger Natalia "red line" demonstration Nail nail blogger Natalia "red line" demonstration Nail nail blogger Natalia "red line" Nail demonstration Nail Bloggers Natalia "red line" demonstration Nail nail blogger Natalia "red line" demonstration Nail nail blogger Natalia "red line" Nail demonstration.